Talk: Social Media Strategy

21 Ideas for Business

In 2005, after selling CoManage Corp., the software company that I launched 7 years earlier with co-founder Andy Fraley (and $62 MM in venture capital), I started, a podcasting company. I hired a young, talented team and learned by watching them. Our service grew to over 1MM monthly users in less than two years. Now, I’m sharing what I learned so that you and your team can benefit from my experience.

My social media strategy talk, delivered in 1-to-3 hours depending on your audience, has been called by countless business executives the “single best presentation” that they’ve ever seen. This fascinating talk is packed with immediately actionable takeaways, especially if you sell B2B. I could drone on about why, but I have 3 rules for creating content in a social media world, the most important of which is:

#3: It must be valuable to your target audience

This webpage is no exception so here’s the point. If you’re looking to …

  • Help your Sales and Marketing teams use social media tools more strategically
  • Entertain and educate your customers, tradeshow audience, or Industry Association members
  • Truly connect with your prospective clients (or any key audience)

… I’d be thrilled to talk about how I can help your organization.

Talk: Inbound Marketing

Feed Your Sales Team

In the past, you could buy your audience’s time and attention. That’s not true anymore. Today, you must earn their attention by providing content that’s valuable to them, otherwise they won’t devote their time and attention to you. In short, you must now attractengage … and convert!

I practice what I preach: Click to my blog. If you don’t find lots of posts that are valuable to you, judge me harshly and find somebody else to help your organization.

OK, you’re still reading (a good sign), but nobody has time to read. Let’s talk about how I can help your group based on everything I’ve learned by engaging in Inbound Marketing even before it was a thing.

Talk: LinkedIn for Sales

Accelerate Revenues

If you’re a salesperson and you’re not using LinkedIn to connect with your best prospects (via 2nd connections and their trusted introductions), you deserve to be trained. If you can’t learn to use this tool (or choose not to), you deserve to be fired because you’re going to lose to the competition (sorry; don’t shoot the messenger).

There’s so much to say about LinkedIn, the “professional’s social network”, but that takes 1 to 3 hours so I’ll leave that for our meeting. Fill out the form below … and then we can talk about:

  • How to find and work your 2nd connections
  • 15 ways to stay in touch
  • Pulse: Discover how to build trust and rapport with your top prospects

… and many other ideas that will bring you more business. Somebody is going to master this first. Will it be you or your competition? Let’s talk about how I can help your sales team.