Social Media Strategic Planning Program

I work personally with no more than two select clients each month to define and launch game-changing social media strategies. Click here for a list of recent clients. A typical engagement includes these five components:

The process begins with comprehensive market research and competitive analysis. Your team will answer eight questions (requiring approximately 60-minutes of their time). I use this input to:

  • Research your key competitors
  • Compare their web traffic to yours for the past twelve months
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their existing social media and, more broadly, their digital marketing initiatives
  • Analyze the search terms driving traffic to your website and theirs


Next, I spend a full day with your team providing a best-practices overview tuned to your industry and customer type. In the morning, we will:

  • Complete a customized, three-hour master training session covering the best practices in social media and social networking for business. While this will include a focus on new norms in your industry, it’s important to examine successful case studies from a variety of B2B and B2C companies/industries.
  • Review the results and implications of my market research and competitive analysis
  • Create a series of targeted Google queries (and potentially other social media listening tools including Twitter Search, etc., as appropriate for your industry and/or geography) to track competitors, customers, prospects, industry/regulatory/standards issues, and positive and negative dialog about your company, key executives, and employees
  • Identify the keywords and phrases to use in your social media content and web pages for maximum search engine optimization (SEO) benefit
  • Document resulting Action Items and owners
  • Set up and select key RSS subscriptions for accelerated organizational learning


Following a working lunch, in the afternoon, we will brainstorm three to five social media initiatives to address internal and external marketing and communications opportunities. Together, we’ll:

  • Document the key objectives for your overall social marketing program
  • Identify your target audience(s)
  • Develop a value creation strategy for each audience
  • Select the ideal social media and social networking tools to achieve your objectives, and delineate the approach for each
  • Define a tactical plan for each initiative
  • Specify the owner(s) of each initiative
  • Create a measurement plan for each initiative
  • Set the launch plan, trial period, and evaluation time-frame for each initiative


In the two weeks following the on-site session, we will:

  • Draft and finalize a set of rules for social media personality and participation (remember PIE + authenticity) such that your multiple initiatives reinforce each other, and your overall sales and marketing strategy. It’s important that your entire program appears to the audience with a consistent voice and purpose.
  • Complete a written plan for each social media initiative, following a concise template, addressing eight key questions. Dave will review each of these documents and work with you and your team to finalize plans for each social media initiative.


With written plans in hand, I will:

  • Provide launch support and guidance for your team via a series of conference calls for a period of 60 – 90 days
  • Offer expert guidance to tackle any issues that arise

By the end of the period, your team will be fully self-sufficient, off and running in the right direction.

Let’s talk about a Social Media Strategic Plan for your company. It starts with this click: