Here are my best discoveries for the month of October, 2009, in social media for business. Not every discovery necessarily originated during the month; that’s just when it hit my radar…

Best Perspective on Negativity in Social Media

In speaking to more than 50 CEOs each month, one of the most common worries I hear is about giving voice to detractors. This post by David Cameron provides a great perspective and advice on how to handle it. The post also contains links to posts by Erik Qualman and Jeremiah Owyang on the same topic — well worth reading (click image to read):


Best YouTube Ad of the Month (So Subtle, it’s Barely an Ad At All)

VW and their ad agency continue to innovate offline and online (click to play):


Best Advice about Using Social Media: “The Cocktail Party Rule”

Drew McLellan crafts a rule that is so simple, it’s brilliant (click image to read):


Best Obituary: The Wall Street Journal on Email

If you’re still using email in an attempt to connect with Gen Y, read this (click image to read):


Best Lightning Rod: The Truth About Social Media ROI?

It takes guts to say that the emperor has no clothes, or at least that the clothes have no ROI (return on investment). This is an interesting read full of great advice. Be sure to see the subsequent item too, for a different perspective on ROI (click image to read):


Best American Car Company* – And Their Thoughts on Social Media ROI

* – I’m still sore that we American taxpayers poured our money down the sinkhole that is GM (and to a lesser extent Chrysler). If you’re considering buying a domestic vehicle, I say reward Ford.

In this video interview, Ford’s Head of Social Media (think about the implications of a company having an executive with that title) talks about his company’s social media initiatives and his perspective on ROI (click image to access article and then click videos to watch):

Scott Monty

That’s it for the “BEST of Social Media for Biz” for October 2009. If you’d like to nominate a “Best of November” entry, leave a comment or send email to the evaluation committee (me) at [email protected]!