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Dave Nelsen is an engineer by training, an early adopter in practice, a five-time entrepreneur by invention, and a professional speaker by accident. He displays true passion for bringing practical technology applications to business executives worldwide.


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The future is coming at us exponentially faster than most people imagine and it’s an Information Technology (IT) world. The key to prospering in the future is… (learn more)

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Businesspeople have immense but largely untapped productivity in their pockets. The key to dramatically increasing productivity in business is… (learn more)

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ChatGPT and its cousins can bring incredible productivity to knowledge workers in virtually any business. The key for executives is to… (learn more)

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In 1995, Steve Jobs gave his most amazing interview ever. Unfortunately, the master tape was lost before broadcast. After his death sixteen years later, that interview was rediscovered, revealing how Jobs would soon take an almost bankrupt company and make it the most valuable company on the planet by doing… (learn more)

About Dave

5-time tech startup founder and 10-time award-winning speaker 

Dave Nelsen (pictured at right, speaking at an event in California) has started 5 technology companies attracting more than $70 million in venture capital. He brings his hands on, “am still there, still doing it” tech knowhow to business groups worldwide.


AT&T Bell Laboratories President's Innovation Award


E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year (Emerging Business)


Tech Council CEO of the Year


Vistage Worldwide Speaker of the Year


TEC Canada #1 Top Speaker

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Every company is a technology company

Dave speaks to business groups in virtually every industry. Even if you don’t produce a technological end product or service, you’re still running a technology company. It’s how we get it done… faster, with greater differentiation, and with higher profit. You can and will do more with technology. Talk to Dave about taking your team to the next level.


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