We Socialize,
You Capitalize.

Award-winning speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur Dave Nelsen helps leaders of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) attract more customers, be more productive, and lead better teams.

Social Media Marketing

Every day, half of all Internet traffic starts with a search. More than 75% of these searches are free (and can’t be purchased). The most effective way to get more of this inbound traffic than your competitors is to implement a compelling social marketing strategy. Content isn’t king; content that is valuable to your target audience is king!Dave Nelsen's social media offerings

Mobile Productivity

Steve Jobs and Apple changed everything, not when they released the original iPhone, but when they opened it up as a platform for apps. Today, both Apple iOS and Google Android (hey, being a fast follower can be a great strategy, too) support more than 2 million apps. Your team can be far more productive and effective by using the right handful of these.

Leadership & Innovation

In 1995, Steve Jobs gave what many people consider to be his most valuable and insightful interview ever. This was before he returned to Apple as iCEO and changed the world in a dozen ways. From this interview, business leaders can learn about leadership, innovation, vision, inspiration, and high-performance teams. Unfortunately, the master tape was lost forever.



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