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Envisioning the Future

Envisioning the Future (It's a Process) By: Dave Nelsen Here’s something obvious: If you knew what was going to happen in the future, you could make better business decisions, better resource allocations, better investments… today. Sorry to break the news: We can’t...

IoT and You Should Too

I.o.T. and You Should, Too By: Dave Nelsen Five years ago, I wrote about the Internet of Things (IoT) and my furnace hypothetically failing while my wife and I were traveling out of state and how it wouldn’t be a huge problem because of remote monitoring of our home’s...


 InterACTIVE IRL  By: Dave Nelsen It’s easy to forget (or fail to notice) just how much technology is changing our lives. Case in point: Near the end of April 2020, as we humans were adapting to new rules dictated by something 10,000 times smaller than a grain of...

Presenting Better Presentations

I’ve been working (if you can call it that) as a professional speaker for exactly 11 years this month. Who knew that you could get paid – really well – to talk for just a fraction of the hours in any 40-hour workweek? What a great country we live in! Now, I’d like to...

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