Here are my best discoveries for the month of September, 2009, in social media for business. As I say every time, not every discovery necessarily originated during the month; that’s just when it hit my radar…

Best Flight Safety Briefing (AKA Ad for Southwest Airlines)

In social media, it’s “PIE” that counts: (P)ersonality that’s (I)nteresting and (E)ntertaining (an old radio DJ adage). Not only will you watch, you’ll pay attention and remember Southwest:


Second Best Flight Safety Briefing Ever (AKA Ad for Air New Zealand)

Did I say that in social media, it’s all about “PIE”? To that, let me add “Authenticity”. Watch closely; very, very closely:


101 Best Companies Ahead of the Curve in Setting Social Media Policies

Granted, this may be boring but it’s important for business leaders and HR types. After all, your Gen X and Gen Y employees now equal your Baby Boomer employees in number and we all know where that trend is heading. Now is the time to establish your internal and external social media use policies (click image to read):

SM Gov

Best Blog Post I’ve Read – Social Media Requires Time Investment

“Debunking Social Media Myths” in Harvard Business Publishing (click image to read):


Be sure to read some of the other social media stories here too. This is a fabulous blog!

Best Blog Post I’ve Written

“Using LinkedIn for Selling, Recruiting and More”: by Dave Nelsen (click image to read):


Best !Wake-up! Call to Businesses Still Ignoring Social Media

Big businesses, “you are evil, thieving bastards … [who] rape and pillage… every one of you should be rotting in prison.” Consumers now have a megaphone and the playing field has been leveled. Watch out (view the video and then read the rest of the story):


What happened? After 400,000 people watched this YouTube video, it apparently scared the s**t out of Bank of America and all of their global friends. “How about we reduce your credit card interest rate to 16.99%? No? Would 12.99% work for you?” To self: We’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy (given your 400K YouTube viewers).Thank you, thank you, thank you (says B of A exec).


Best New YouTube Interactive Feature – “Branching” – as Illustrated Here by an Interesting Ad Agency


Be sure to click on the video for “One Show” — it’s fabulous!!!

(And Finally) Best eMail: 5 Signs You’ve Got the Wrong Social Media Consultant


I’m not sure how to share this entire email message with readers. Just email me at [email protected] requesting that I forward the “Wrong Social Media Consultant” email to you and I’ll send the whole magilla.

That’s it for the “BEST of Social Media for Biz” for September 2009. If you’d like to recommend a “Best of October” entry, leave a comment or send email to the evaluation committee (me) at [email protected]!