In August, I presented “Social Media for Business; Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Ignore It” to 7 Vistage CEO groups in a span of 12 business days. After a typical three-hour presentation in Philadelphia, Harry Halloran,  Chairman / CEO of several companies suggested that I publish an update each month covering the newest and most interesting for business. So here it is…

Introducing the BEST of Social Media for Business – August 2009. Not every discovery necessarily originated during the month; that’s just when it hit my radar.

Most Compelling Case for
Social Media for Business, ASAP

Eye-opening stats and engaging video presentation by “Socialnomics” (click to play):


To build on one reviewer’s comments, Facebook may be the fourth largest country, but it’s also the poorest save for Twitter.

Best Blog Post I’ve Read

“Should Your Business Use Twitter?” by (click image to read):

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Be sure to read some of the “related stories” too.

Best Blog Post I’ve Written

“Writing a Business Blog” by Dave Nelsen (click image to read):

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Best B2B (Business-to-Business) Viral Ad

You, pitching Cisco telepresence (click to make your own ad):

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By the way, don’t try to paste in your dog’s head (been there, done that; they use some kind of facial recognition).

Best B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Viral Ad

Evian Roller Babies (click to play):


Best Movie About Social Media

Blogging has officially gone mainstream with “Julie and Julia” (businesses not yet blogging are starting to look like laggards):


My wife and I went with another couple on opening night. All four of us loved it but be sure to eat first! gives it “75%” (not shabby).

That’s it for the “BEST of Social Media for Biz” in August 2009. If you’d like to recommend a “Best of September” entry, leave a comment or send email to the evaluation committee (me) at [email protected]!