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As a consultant, it’s incredibly gratifying to pause periodically and look back on all of the great clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with in the past few years. Here’s a sampling of some the businesses and not-for-profit organizations I’ve helped with social media strategies since 2007. In some cases, projects have been bigger in scope (full-scale business plans and/or digital marketing programs with website implementations), and in other cases, just LinkedIn master training for the sales team.

Thank you to all!  [Most recent update: December 2, 2014]

Dave Nelsen

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  1. J. Allen Kosowsky,CPA

    Dave: I was at the WPO meeting last night. i would like to talk about my forensic CPA business as well as Thor Industries (NYSE-THO) RV manufacturer in Indiana and a bank on whose board i am going on.

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