#1: The Future and
How to Prosper in IT

The key to prospering in the future is to be a continuous learner in a learning organization. In his newest talk, Dave Nelsen guides audiences from today’s leading edge of technology forward into the next decade, because companies that can see the future are better positioned to prosper in it (and IT). With better future vision, leaders can make better business decisions. They can drive innovation more effectively.

Consider that the human genome was first sequenced relatively recently (2003) at a cost of $2.7B. Fifteen years later (2018), Dave received as a gift a personal DNA sequencing kit from his sister-in-law… and she’s not Warren Buffett. Today, DNA sequencing is available for less than $70, a reduction in price of 38,599,000X, not even adjusting for inflation. That’s the effect of exponential acceleration… and it’s affecting everything.

Computing is still accelerating exponentially. The amount of information business people must deal with is expanding exponentially. Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating exponentially. Augmented reality (AR) is accelerating exponentially. 3D printing is accelerating exponentially. Bandwidth, storage, cloud capabilities, nanotech, block chain applications, robotics, virtual assistants, the Internet of Things (IoT)…

Grab your seat or just the seat of your pants and hang on for a wild ride that will leave you and your business better prepared to prosper today… and into the future.

Talk to Dave Nelsen about helping your team prepare for tomorrow by learning a 3-step process for building a high-confidence vision of the future.

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