#3: Doubling Productivity Using Tablets, Apps, and Smartphones

The key to dramatically increasing productivity in business is to be a fast follower. The key question is, “Who do you watch?” The rate of change in the business world is accelerating… exponentially! Darwin observed that “It’s not the strongest or most intelligent that survive, but those that adapt to a changing environment most quickly.” Few people appreciate how precisely this describes the world of business, but on a hyper-accelerated timescale. Adapt or die! Remember Blackberry?

In this continuously updated presentation, long-time tech CEO and Vistage Speaker of the Year Dave Nelsen shares with executives his personal tips and tricks for using technology more effectively. Grab your iPad, your smartphone (Android or iPhone), or just the seat of your pants and learn how to take your productivity to a whole new level.

According to Microsoft, the average corporate worker loses 76 hours a year manually looking for notes and documents. That will no longer be you because, with Dave, you’ll discover your second brain (Evernote) and explore an in-depth world of amazing non-hierarchical storage and retrieval features (and “tags,” nothing short of an information management revolution).

You’ll learn that multitasking is a myth; multitaskers are, in fact, as much as 40% less productive. Sadly, your inbox is nothing but a random set of tasks. You’ll learn how to use email “rules” to automatically group like emails together, including some as obviously valuable as separating messages “To” you from those that are “CC” or “BCC” (AKA CYA) to you. Or you may choose to adopt Slack or Microsoft Teams and discover how communicating in channels changes everything. Just imagine eliminating the need for 27% of your company’s meetings while accessing information 52% faster.

You’ll get everywhere faster while learning on the way (Waze, podcasts and audiobooks), and see how better sleep and high-intensity exercise can literally make you smarter (FitBit and Seven app). And you’ll discover how to retake control of your inbox so that you have time for mastering these new tools … and the ones arriving tomorrow.

Talk to Dave Nelsen about helping your team improve productivity and collaboration using apps.

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Apps to AI: Elevating Executive Effectiveness!

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