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Would you be shocked if I told you that more than 40% of your corporate resources are being applied incredibly inefficiently? Would you be curious about how this could be happening after all of the planning and optimization you’ve done? Would you be excited to attack...

Poll Everywhere

Some people claim to have ESP – extra sensory perception – essentially the ability to read other people’s minds. I used to think that these people were all “wacko-nut-jobs” … in the same class as psychics and tarot card readers. (Am I being politically incorrect...

Pay to Play

We live in an exponentially-accelerating technological world. It’s impossible for the linearly-accelerating (?) human brain to keep up without aid. Are you getting as much support from technology as you should be … and as is required for future...


Unbelievably, I've been blogging since 2009 (and podcasting since 2005) and I’ve never told you about my favorite app, what I call my second brain. Without it, I’d be half as productive. If you embrace it, you’ll be twice as productive. I’m talking about Evernote (or...

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